Skillman Video Group Shoots Multi-Camera Educational Series


Setting Up The Multi-Camera Shoot

Setting Up The Multi-Camera Shoot

This past Friday, October 19th, Skillman Video Group shot an Educational Multi-camera Shoot for Hebrew At The Center. The shoot took place at “The Castle” of The Cabot Estate in Jamaica Plain, Boston, and covered a variety of different topics. What sets this production aside is how the entire lecture series is spoken completely in Hebrew. For this particular shoot, three cameras were utilized to focus on each speaker individually. In addition to the multiple cameras, five microphones were run through an audio mixer, allowing for crystal clear audio from each of the speakers. Normally, when using only one or two microphones, a feed directly into the camera will work just fine. However, when the content of a lecture is based almost completely on the dialog, utilizing an external audio mixer is essential.


When using multiple microphones and cameras, the chance for interference (static, buzzing, hiss) is very high. One major benefit to having the mixer is the opportunity to isolate and finely tune each microphone on our subjects, thus reducing the likelihood of audio errors. The mixer itself has a built in audio equalizer for each channel (microphone) of audio coming into it. After the audio is adjusted accordingly, it is sent through to one of our cameras, usually the camera with a wide shot (a visual of every speaker). This allows us to synchronize audio later on during post-production.


Multiple camera shoots with upwards of five speaking subjects can be difficult for some. With Skillman Video Group and our production prowess, perfect audio is always our goal.