Social Video @Kickstarter

Kickstarter-1Ever wonder how to build a company around an invention without fabulously wealthy Venture Capitalist friends?  Kickstarter leverages the power of web 2.0, social-media, and video to crowd source startup capital. Artists, designers, entrepreneurs, activists, and storytellers appeal to the world-wide-web for funding and launch their ideas from the collective small donations of many. In the past few years I’ve been watching Kickstarter quickly become the place for DIY creative startups. They host every kind of project including technology, theater, food, comic books, and so on. Non-profit and for-profit are both welcome. It’s a bold, new model for business and art.

Kickstarter is also an unlikely host to a wide variety of marketing video examples. Each and every Kickstarter project must have a video pitch. They place videos above all other content. Kickstarter recognizes that video is essential to marketing your ideas. According to Kickstarter (and SVG), everything can be marketed with video even electronic prototype kits and mead and whatever your company offers. Designers and entrepreneurss profiled in a New York Times article talk about how important videos are for getting funding because the Kickstarter crowd is tech-saavy netizens. Anyone who finds you on the web expects video, and if you don’t have it you are behind the curve.

The site hosts every genre from documentary style to movie trailers to humble webcam-style. Some just use flashy imagery. Most are very simple. The trick is to match up the style and content with the brand and message and connect with your audience– things SVG is really good at. We’ve made videos in nearly every one of these styles for a wide variety of clients and worked in fundraising videos.

Marketing videos may be the most important  part of Kickstarter’s success and that of their users. It follows that it will be essential to your company or organization as well — not just for making an appeal to customers and clients, but also for SEO and brand. We’ve talked about this many, many times on our blog. If you don’t have video, you might be dismissed or ignored.

If you don’t know where to start with marketing your company, follow Kickstarter’s lead, check out a few examples there, and call Skillman Video Group.