Spotlight on Center Stage – Part 2

As mentioned in the prior blog, the United States State Department has partnered with the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) to bring performing artists from around the globe to perform throughout the US.  It is called the Center Stage Program, and is now beginning its second 2-year cycle .

Spotlight on Center Stage - Part 2 1

Shot of Statehouse in background

SVG was hired to produce a promotional video on the program, and to do it at NEFA’s office, which is in downtown Boston across from the State House.  The choice of venue was a professional decision on the part of both NEFA’s executive staff and SVG professionals, who decided to maximize the visual impact of an organization located right in the center of everything.  That is a message in itself.

The choice presented some professional difficulties, however, as it is very complicated to get good shots from inside a building taken shooting out through windows open to a brilliant, bright sky.  To make this shot happen, SVG used two Kino lights that were powerful enough and flexible enough to provide two different light temperatures as needed (blue – outdoor or yellow-indoor).  In addition SVG’s lighting crew (called “Gaffers”) used a special “ND Gel” to cover the windows to cut down much of the glare from the sun.  Using neutral density (ND) gels applied to the windows made it possible to take great shots of the people inside, with the golden dome of the State House in the background. Going further our Director of Photography then carefully adjusted the camera’s exposure and selected the perfect lenses to get the exact shot wanted.

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