Capturing Culture: SVG’s Innovative Video Production for NEFA’s Center Stage Program

Visual Storytelling at Its Best

In our ongoing collaboration with the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA), Skillman Video Group (SVG) was tasked with producing a promotional video for the Center Stage Program’s new cycle.

This project aimed to capture the essence of the program’s global cultural exchange and highlight its impact from NEFA’s strategically located office in downtown Boston.

Strategic Location Enhances Message

Choosing the Perfect Backdrop

Capturing Culture: SVG’s Innovative Video Production for NEFA’s Center Stage Program 1
Shot of Statehouse in background

The decision to film at NEFA’s office across from the State House was not just about convenience but also about symbolism.

The location in the heart of the city underscores the program’s centrality and significance in promoting international cultural exchange.

This setting provided a dynamic backdrop, reinforcing the message of global connectivity and cultural prominence.

Overcoming Technical Challenges

Capturing the perfect shot within NEFA’s office posed specific challenges, particularly due to the contrasting light conditions presented by the interior setting against the bright, outdoor backdrop of the State House.

Innovative Lighting Solutions

Mastering Indoor Lighting

To address these challenges, SVG utilized two Kino lights, known for their versatility and ability to adjust to different color temperatures.

This setup ensured that the lighting inside matched the outdoor light, creating a balanced and visually appealing shot.

Utilizing ND Gels

Further adjustments were made by employing neutral density (ND) gels on the windows.

These gels are crucial for reducing glare and allowing for clear, sharp images of the interior without losing the details of the iconic outdoor background.

Cinematic Techniques Elevate Production

Expertise in Cinematography

Our Director of Photography played a pivotal role in meticulously selecting the right camera settings and lenses to capture the desired shots.

This careful curation of technical elements ensured that each frame perfectly conveyed the intended visual narrative.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

SVG is dedicated to transforming your ideas into compelling visual stories.

With our extensive training, experience, and cutting-edge equipment, we are equipped to highlight your story in the most engaging way possible.

Whether it’s promoting a cultural program or showcasing a corporate initiative, SVG stands ready to bring professional excellence to your project.