SVG on Set: Client Testimonial Video for Bit Glass

On Friday, SVG had the opportunity to shoot a client testimonial for Bit Glass. This is a very interesting company that provides data security for medical professionals, so that they may switch between personal and professional accounts on the same device without having to worry about compromising privacy.

While there are many apps that provide similar services, none can guarantee this level of security on one device, meaning that clients do not need both a personal and a private phone but can simply and seamlessly switch between accounts. Bit Glass’ client, Bay Cove Human Services, was very excited about the product because it enables their 2,000 employees to be confident that their data is secure and aligns with HIPPA regulations requiring doctor-patient confidentiality. The product also allows users to dictate what data can be shared with whom and, if stolen, provides the option of wiping either professional or personal data, or both.

While many client testimonials require a period of pre-production, Bit Glass did not require any discovery but simply our professional videography and editing services. Our DP utilized a dual camera set-up using a Sony Fs7 and Fs100. Shooting from two different angles allows us to edit the interview without making jarring cuts and also brings some variety to the end result. boston client testimonial video

The room we shot in was rather tight, so we needed to make some quick adjustments to the set design. We moved out pieces of furniture and set up cameras in the doorway. Although it was a smaller space than we were expecting, these are typical issues when shooting in a space you’ve never seen before. We were ready to do some troubleshooting and make it work.

After recording an interview with the IT director, we put the room back together and headed out to review the footage. Any business video warrants crisp dialogue, an aesthetically pleasing frame, and relevant information. Years of professional experience enabled our DP to enter an unknown space with the know-how to make it work.

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