SVG on Set: Consumer Video Production at a Mall

arianna skincareThe great thing about working in corporate video is that you never know where you’ll be filming next. This week, SVG was filming with Arianna Skincare for a second time.  Rather than at an apartment or the Boston Commons like last time, the shoot was held at their store at a mall in Braintree.

Filming at a mall is fun but challenging – there’s easy access to any extra props or clothes you may need to run out and buy; you could always grab people and ask them to be extras; you could even go for a quick coffee or food run. While there are those fun little perks, there are always some downsides. For example, it’s hard to block out the mix of light from various fixtures and large windows. You can’t turn off the music that’s playing over the loud speakers. You can’t control the people walking by your shoot and being loud or trying to get into the shot. We had the pleasure of experiencing both the good and the bad of shooting at a mall.

Our last time working with Arianna Skincare, the whole focus was on one video – capturing the interview and then subsequent B-Roll. This time, however, we needed to film multiple product tutorials. These “How-To” videos will provide viewers with clear knowledge on how to use certain products that Arianna Skincare sells.  For the videos, we needed to film multiple openings and closings and then use a model to actually demonstrate how to correctly use the product. There were also beauty close-up shots of the products that had to be captured as well.  The beauty shots help to clearly show the viewers exactly which products you need for each of the demonstrations shown.

The demonstration portions of the videos were captured using two cameras, one on a wide and one on a close-up of the model at all times.  Everything else just needed one camera.  For lights, a Kino and two Zylights were used, along with the overhead lights that needed to stay on the whole time.  For audio, a wireless lavalier microphone and a boom microphone were used.  Only for the beauty shots was there a change, with the camera being mounted on a Dana Dolly, rather than simply panning back and forth while on the tripod.  The Dolly allowed for smooth, slow movements to help in really showing off the products.

beauty shot

The day started at 9am and ran all day, not wrapping until 6pm. Only a few hiccups arose, such as the model having to leave at 3, meaning that another needed to be brought in to finish the other videos. Luckily, it was an easy fix that didn’t harm the videos in any way.

arianna skincare

arianna skincare

While the majority of the filming was accomplished, some B-Roll and interviews have now been moved up to another day so that they can receive the proper attention, rather than having to rush and squeeze them in near the end. Rushing is a benefit to no one.

Overall, it was another successful production day with Arianna Skincare. Time to log all the footage and start cutting it down!

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