Behind the Scenes: Arianna Skincare’s Dynamic Product Tutorial Shoot at Braintree Mall

Exploring a New Venue for Arianna Skincare

arianna skincare

Skillman Video Group returned to film with Arianna Skincare, this time venturing into a different setting—the bustling environment of a mall in Braintree.

Unlike our previous shoot locations like an apartment or Boston Common, the mall presented a unique blend of opportunities and challenges conducive to video production.

The Dual Nature of Mall Filming

Filming at a mall comes with its own unique perks and pitfalls.

On the upside, the proximity to stores means easy access to additional props or wardrobe changes, potential extras are just around the corner, and food or coffee runs are a breeze.

However, these benefits come alongside significant challenges, such as managing the inconsistent lighting from various sources, the unavoidable background music from mall speakers, and the general public meandering into shots or disrupting the audio with their noise.

Focusing on Product Tutorials

This shoot shifted focus from our last project with Arianna Skincare.

Instead of capturing a single narrative video, we aimed to produce a series of product tutorial videos.

These “How-To” guides are designed to educate viewers on the correct usage of Arianna Skincare products, enhancing customer understanding and engagement.

Technical Setup for Tutorial Excellence

beauty shot

To effectively demonstrate the product applications, we filmed using two cameras: one set for wide shots and the other for close-ups of the model.

This dual-camera approach ensured that viewers could grasp both the overall context and the detailed application techniques.

For beauty shots of the products, which are crucial for highlighting the items used in the tutorials, we mounted a camera on a Dana Dolly.

This setup allowed for smooth, slow movements that elegantly showcased the products.

Lighting and Audio Configuration

arianna skincare

A combination of Kino lights, Zylights, and unavoidable overhead mall lighting illuminated our set.

We captured audio using both a wireless lavalier microphone for clear dialogue and a boom microphone to catch more natural ambient sounds.

This dual approach helped mitigate some of the audio challenges posed by the mall environment.

The day was long and began at 9 AM, wrapping up by 6 PM.

We encountered a minor hiccup when one model had to leave early, requiring a quick replacement to continue with other videos.

Fortunately, this issue was resolved swiftly without impacting the quality or progress of the shoot significantly.

Adjusting Plans for Optimal Quality

Despite the day’s productivity, we decided to reschedule some B-roll and interviews to another day.

This decision ensured that every element of the production received the attention it deserved without the need to rush through important shots.

Prioritizing quality over speed, we set ourselves up for another successful day of shooting in the future.

Looking Forward

With the primary filming completed, it’s now time to log all the footage and begin the meticulous process of editing.

We’re excited to piece together the final product that showcases Arianna Skincare’s products in the best light.