SVG on Set: Video Production for Arianna Skincare

IMG_2623Sometimes, the best way to showcase yourself and tell your story is through video, and we helped a client do just that this week. The video shoot focused on the founder of Arianna Skincare, who has led an amazing and inspiring life worth sharing with the world. That’s where SVG came in.

This was the first of a two-day shoot. Today, we shot in her apartment, a community kitchen, and the gym. After wrapping up at the apartment, we all moved over to the Boston Common for some extra outdoor footage.

The apartment’s living room was the first location of the day and where the main interview (which would run throughout the final two-minute video) would take place. Since this was to be the largest portion of the video, it took the most time to set up all of the equipment and get the desired shot that everyone wanted. It’s much more than just putting a person in front of a camera and letting the camera roll. Four lights were set up: a key, fill, back, and hair light. There was also a separate stand set up to hold the shotgun microphone. Next, the camera, with all of its various attachments and monitors, needed to be set up.

Arianna Skincare shootArianna Skincare

Knowing there was a lot to get through, though, everyone moved quickly and got the space ready for shooting within an hour and a half. After the emotional interviewArianna Skincare Shoot, which took a little over an hour, the breakdown and new set-up had to be taken care of swiftly. Thankfully, all of the shots after the interview were for planned B-roll and required no sound. This allowed for everyone to laugh and talk and coax out the best moments from the staged scenes. The B-roll will ultimately assist in breaking up the video and showcasing her personality and the truth of her situation.

We collected footage of her at home, cooking, exercising, and then walking in the park, meeting friends, and just generally having fun. While all of the outdoor shots were made fairly easy thanks to a Steadicam, all of the indoor shots, while quick, had to be lit. For all of the footage and shots required, however, we were able to wrap up by 6:00pm.

Arianna Skincare Shoot

While the shoot required a lot of work in regards to preparation, it was a lot of fun as a whole. It was a wonderful chance to tell a woman’s story – all of the time and energy put in was done so to make sure that it became a glorious reality. The “My Story” video is also a great fit under a host of categories, from CEO Video (by showing viewers who the founder is and putting a face to the company) to PR Video (by featuring her inspiring story and experiences).

This is the first video of several that SVG will complete for the company. The others, however, will be for retail, focusing on the products themselves, as well as tutorials on how to use them.

The final edited video:

Brand Video – Skin Care Company from Skillman Video Group on Vimeo.

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