SVG Produces Promotional Video for NFC Cluster with the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge

(November 15, 2011) – On Monday, November 7th, the NFC Cluster Group, a collection of Boston-area supporters of the development and commercial success of Near Field Communication, held an event at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel with over four hundred attendees. We were among those in attendance.

The MIT Enterprise Forum, a producer of educational events promoting entrepreneurship, put on the event.

While similar to Bluetooth’s data transfer technology, NFC’s transfer rate is slower, and its working distance is much shorter.

Why, then, does the NFC Cluster Group exist?

Unlike Bluetooth devices that need manual configurations to identify each other, NFC connects devices automatically in less than a tenth of a second.

It uses much less energy, can be paired with an unpowered device, and its shorter range reduces the likelihood of unwanted interception.

Possible applications are vast, but (credit) card emulation, “tagging” the world around us, and instant connectivity are the big selling points.

The NFC Cluster Group, through the MIT Enterprise Forum, is looking to partner hardware (chip) developers with software (app) developers to help grow this NFC technology.

To that end, they hired Skillman Video Group to produce a high-quality promotional video with interviews from board members, app and hardware developers, as well as some pretty heavy hitters such as PayPal and Verizon.

With proper optimization, data indicates that video content yields a 53% better chance of getting on Google’s front page.

However, at Skillman, we believe that video for video’s sake is dangerous, as quality does matter to your audience.

As video becomes more important and easier to shoot, organizations can’t afford not to have it.

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