SVG shoots video for International Company FIDI at Intercontinental Hotel Boston

(May 1, 2012) – International client, FIDI Global Alliance, hired Skillman Video Group for a video shoot this past week.

Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, FIDI is the largest global alliance of independent, quality international removal companies.  Every year, FIDI holds an international conference for its employees from all over the world, and this year Boston was chosen.

FIDI found SVG through a Google search of Boston video production companies, and due to SVG’s aggressive SEO strategies and comprehensive website, we were chosen to shoot and edit the video. 

The goal of the video was to deliver key information to the employees at the end of the conference, such as informing them about new board members, financial results, and where the conference will be held next year.

Over two days, we shot seven short interviews with various members of FIDI and captured b-roll of employees at the conference as well as locations around Boston and the Intercontinental Hotel where the conference took place. 

Since the video was to be shown on the last day of the conference, the turnaround time to edit and deliver the piece was short, and we had to work fast.

SVG has past experience working with tight deadlines and knows the proper work flow for this type of project. 

The team at Skillman Video Group worked with the client to revise and edit the scripts for many of the interviewees and provided a state-of-the-art teleprompter to make it easy and comfortable.

Great direction and relaxed talent, combined with professional lighting and our two camera setup, ensured the highest quality video possible.

This particular shoot is proof that proper internet marketing with SEO, high production values, and experience and professionalism are the winning combination for success for Skillman Video Group.