Uplevel Your Event Highlight Reel

As the pandemic comes to a close and its inconveniences become a thing of the past, companies can refocus on live events and utilize highlight reel videos to build their brand long after the live event has ended.

A “Good” Highlight Reel

For those who don’t know what a highlight reel is, it is essentially a video showing the consumer “an event” held by the company. 

Christina Skillman, Creative Director of Skillman Video Group, emphasizes that a conference highlight reel can be so much more than documenting an event. This all starts with a clear message. 

Skillman notes the importance of figuring out what a company is trying to communicate to its audience. For any good highlight reel, a company will be telling their audience, here this is who we are. To understand how to discover what that means for your company, it is critical to ask yourself: why? 

Why does your company do what it does? Is there a message that goes along with the service being provided? In that case, how does that message tie into the live event being shot? Are there certain attendees that speak directly to the message of our brand?

There are so many qualities that make a company and its culture unique. A company that is cutting edge and innovative may choose to interview employees who demonstrate that same level of professionalism. For companies that embody emotional wellbeing and health might choose to center the highlight reel on people laughing and smiling. This would directly reflect their core values and work to strengthen their brand. 

Asking these crucial questions will allow for intentional work doing the video shoot. This is where a simple highlight reel can turn into a tangible marketing tool for companies. 

Skillman notes that any company that wants to expand its brand influence and grow its following, should consider leveling up its highlight reel.