Mastering Wallpaper Installation: Brewster Home Fashions’ Expert Tutorial

SVG Creative Director & Principal, Christina Skillman, directing the talent!
SVG Creative Director & Principal, Christina Skillman, directing the talent!

Unveiling the Art of Wallpaper Installation: A Brewster Home Fashions Tutorial

A few weeks ago, Skillman Video Group embarked on an exciting project: creating an instructional video on wallpaper installation for Brewster Home Fashions.

As a premier manufacturer and distributor of fine wall coverings and home décor based in Boston, Brewster aims to enhance its digital presence and engage customers through insightful, practical content.

The video will be featured on Brewster’s website as part of their strategic web-based marketing efforts.

Crafting the Perfect Set

The preparation for this video began with the construction of a set designed to resemble a realistic home interior.

Using drywall flats, a fresh coat of paint, and a considerable amount of creativity and elbow grease, the team at SVG transformed a simple space into a vibrant room ready for a makeover.

This setting was not just a backdrop but an integral part of the tutorial, designed to provide viewers with a relatable and authentic visual experience.

Directing with Precision and Care

Under the guidance of SVG’s Creative Director & Principal, Christina Skillman, the shoot featured Lauren, a real customer, who adeptly demonstrated the wallpaper application process.

The video was structured around common challenges faced by homeowners, such as ensuring the first sheet of wallpaper is perfectly aligned, maneuvering around corners, and fitting the wallpaper around obstacles like outlets and doorways.

Narrative Techniques for Clarity

To make the instructions clear and easy to follow, a scripted narration was prepared to accompany the visual demonstration.

This approach not only streamlined the communication of technical details but also allowed Lauren to focus fully on the application techniques, ensuring that every step was executed flawlessly.

The combination of live-action and narration enriches the learning experience, making the video both informative and engaging.

A Showcase of Style and Simplicity

The video not only teaches viewers how to install wallpaper but also showcases the high-quality and stylish products offered by Brewster Home Fashions.

By featuring Lauren, a genuine customer, the video enhances relatability and demonstrates the product’s ease of use and transformative impact on any space.

Behind the Scenes and Beyond

In addition to the instructional content, SVG captured behind-the-scenes footage, providing a comprehensive look at the video production process from start to finish.

This added layer of content is set to engage viewers further, offering them a peek into the meticulous effort involved in creating helpful and visually appealing instructional videos.