SVG Spices Up Medical Training Videos

seo checklistOn the surface, medical training videos appear to be fairly simple and clear-cut.  After all, there are only so many ways to explain how to do something.  There is still, however, an art behind producing them, and it’s important to get it right.  Video is the perfect medium for medical training, combining visuals, audio, language, and more, allowing more room for resonance. To further this, make your video pleasing to the eye and engage with your target audience from the get-go.

At Skillman Video Group, we are no stranger to creating training videos.  Previously, we have shot safety and training videos for Feeney Brothers Excavation Company.  Recently, we have taken on the task of creating medical training videos for Visual Foot Care.  The company has asked for training videos for retail and medical audiences.  The idea is to teach viewers the proper foot care procedures for new orthopedic products. It’s important to add that this project was originally in the hands of another company.

The project has various components involved.  The biggest importance has been collaborating with the original company to assess the project as it was and still manage to pull it all together.  When another company hands over a project it can be like a puzzle trying to piece it all together.  The goal has been to find the story in the content already created and work from there.  To do so, the audio and footage need to be organized and the content sorted through to figure out our next steps.  We also need to make sure the old content and the content we now want to add will be consistent and cohesive.  Overall, we want to help make these videos as engaging and visually interesting as possible.  It is really about keeping the videos universal, professional, and conversational so that medical staff and retail employees alike can benefit from them.

To enhance and push the project forward, SVG has:

We realize that a medical training video doesn’t have to be simple footage of a person talking into the camera.  It’s a chance to really get the viewers excited and teach them in a more inviting way, all by spicing it up with relevant graphics, visual tutorials, acted out scenarios, and more.  What we’ve mentioned above is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how we’ll be enhancing this project.  At Skillman Video Group, we are proud of our emphasis on quality for all videos, including but certainly not limited to training videos.  If you would like to see some more of our samples, please check out our Corporate Video Production Information page.

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