SVG Video of the Week: Social Media Revolution

For the Skillman Video Group “Video of the week”, here is a clip that makes an argument about social media possibly being the biggest shift since the industrial Revolution. It is based on the book ” Socialnomics” by Eric Qualman. Make sure to show this one to your parents, grandparents, or anyone else who still refuses to acknowledge the existence and usefulness of the internet and social media.

Pertaining to the service of social video marketing, there is one statistic that stands out more than others in this video: “Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world”. This seems to make a lot of sense. People enjoy watching videos, and many people expect now to have a video to supplement the writing on a website. For example, every news story that gets released, chances are good that someone was there with a camera to capture the event as it unfolded. Although words on a page are great, the video helps to create a better connection with the viewer. This is especially true for a company selling a service or product. When people can put a face to the name of a company, it helps to build trust.

Keeping the above statistic in mind, Skillman Video Group has an updated Youtube page ( to utilize the power of this social search engine and make sure that people not only see the production quality of the videos we create, but also the information these videos can divulge to help grow ones business and client base. Social Video Marketing is a proven, all-in-one solution that taps into the tremendous power of social media, SEO, Internet Marketing and video marketing to drive more visitors to your website and then convert those visitors into business prospects.  Video plays a key role in driving people to your site, but in also converting those visitors into clients.  Call today to learn more!