SVG Videographers Produce Live Event Video

Boston videographersWhen the Medical Development Group (MDG) hosted a special event at Foley Hoag, LLP, a premier law firm in Boston, they wanted a video production company not only to capture the live event, but also to film interviews. The event: “The Year of the Brain: Advances in Imaging, Diagnostics and Therapeutic Delivery” featured five keynote speakers and a panel discussion. To capture the event, MDG chose Skillman Video Group LLC, a Boston area video production company.

The venue called for two camera setups: one to film the presentations, and one for the interviews. Coming in to the shoot, it was not clear where the cameras would need to go, but after consulting with the coordinators about the event and putting the cameras in place, the setups looked organic to the site. With about one hundred guests at the event as well as informational booths, it was vital to the shoot that the cameras could capture the moment, but stay out of the foot traffic of the guests. Before the event started, the cameras, lights, and microphones were all in place, so that the preliminary interviews could take place. During the event, all of the speakers, as well as the panel discussion/Q&A which followed, were filmed using the latest in HD video cameras, las well as ighting and audio gear. After the presentations, the final interviews were conducted to various event participants and members of the MDG board. Moving from one camera station to the other proved not to be an issue. Skillman Video Group easily adjusted to what the location offered and was able to handle last minute requests with ease.

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