The Art of Story Telling through Video

As we mentioned in our last post, Skillman Video Group was recently hired to produce a marketing video for the Boston area non-profit, Teacher’s21.  After what we call “the  discovery process” which involves hours of on-site interviews and studying the client’s printed material (if pertinent) or other information, the producers at SVG will start the “pre-production” phase of developing the script. This phase is crucial for the success of the video project and will set the entire process on a good foundation that will ensure excellence in the finished product. It is during this phase of production where we take the massive block of information obtained at the discovery meeting and slowly but surely chisel it down as the video starts to take shape.

SVG's Associate Producer Chris Plummer set up the set at Teachers21!

SVG’s Associate Producer Christopher Plummer working on the set at Teachers21!

Next SVG successfully spent two days on location, 1st interviewing the “Aspiring Principals” (or participants in the program) at Teacher21’s offices in Wellesly MA, and the 2nd day visiting 2 schools in the Boston area where the Aspiring Principals are being apprenticed. To help tell the story visually, SVG wanted to capture the program in action so the viewers would have a sense for how it operates.  In addition to shooting the Aspiring Principals in their day to day activities, we had the opportunity to interview the Schools’ current Head Principals on how the program has benefitted them personally, which we thought was a key perspective in the video’s message.

Currently the project is in post-production where SVG’s  editors are working collaboratively with Teacher21’s staff to produce a  video that will tell their story effectively and powerfully…in as little time as possible (a key to successful video marketing).    It is a time consuming process to edit down hours of footage and can be difficult to choose which sound bites are the best of the best.  However, this editing process is ultimately where the story – once and for all – comes together.  Have a story worth telling?  Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production Company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.