The Success of Web Video

Integrated video clips are becoming a standard feature of website design as businesses recognize the web video’s ability to present a product or service in a concise, engaging, and often personalized manner.  But many websites overlook the powerful marketing potential that an optimized, well positioned video can offer in addition to its assumed role of enriching site content.

Social Video Marketing is one of the most cost effective marketing strategies available, and clients can expect an exposure to cost ratio much greater than could be obtained through more traditional strategies like print or television advertising.  The content delivery service Limelight Networks recently revealed that for the first time, over fifty percent of internet bandwith usage is from videos.  Optimized video content can tap into this trend using social media networks like Youtube and Facebook, sites that receive millions of hits per day and do not charge hosting fees.  Skillman Video Group can specifically tailor a high quality video to keep your business at the forefront of the growing internet video phenomenon.