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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the biggest form of Marketing in today’s world. Our Video Marketing Company, Skillman Video Group, works to grow others presence on social media. The best way for most businesses to reach their target market is through different posts on their social media profiles. Combining your social media posts with Marketing Video Production can be the best way to boost your reach. Videos are one of the most talked about things on social media along all the different ways to record them. Every business needs to work on creating video content that can intrigue their audience and raise their impressions. Using the following tips, we hope to help you create a great Video Marketing Strategy for your social media accounts. 

Tips for Creating Social Videos

social media video productionPlan ahead so you can tell a story.

Creating and posting a video to social media takes planning and creativity. You don’t just want to post any random shots that you take. Videos are a quick and easy way to grab your viewers attention, while also informing them of news from your business. Developing a story for your videos will allow your audience to become more attached and stay up-to-date with your posts. It also gives you the option to create series to continuously update your viewers. Planning ahead is best way to have a production shoot, so that each shot is prepared for. Bringing a story into your corporate video ideas is the best way to bring success to your video production marketing strategy. Our Video Marketing Company suggests that you focus on creating a storyboard for your social media videos.

Keep it short. 

Social Media is all about scrolling. Each time someone sees a post that interests them, there is only a short period of time to keep their attention. Keeping your videos short allows your viewers to watch the full thing without feeling they have been watching for a while. When creating your corporate video ideas it is important to make sure to get a message to the viewers in a short period of time. Your video should be no longer than 45 seconds.

Shoot for your intended platform. Social media videos

There are many different social media platforms that are used for video marketing. When shooting and creating your corporate video ideas for social media, it is important to think about which platform it will be going on. Depending on which platform you are using, it is important to plan your video around the settings of the app. Horizontal shots are best for most platforms incase the viewer wants to see it in full screen. However, the set up of Instagram works well with vertical because of the dimensions of the posts options. It is also important for social media that you have videos that can be without sound. On Facebook and Instagram, the videos will begin playing without sound, unless turned on by the viewer. It is important that your video can be watched without sound and still get the message across. 

Social Videos

Every Video Marketing Company will tell you that videos on Social Media are a very important part of your strategy. They will also say when creating your videos to follow the above tips to help you get more reach. Posting content that attracts your audience will grow your profile in the best ways. We want to see you use Marketing Video Production to help build your social media presence. 

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