The Value of an Outside Perspective

Skillman Video Group, one of the Boston video production companies, creates a great amount of marketing and branding videos for our clients. No matter how much content you curate, there is so much value in bringing in someone with an outside perspective. It all comes down to being objective versus subjective. 

We work hard in our businesses. We began our business from nothing. This is our baby since day one. Because of this, we understand the questions and we’re pretty good at asking the questions of our clients. But, as a business owner, there is a lot of benefit and value to bringing in someone from the outside when we are having conversations about marketing and branding strategies. 

We have hired people on a consistent basis to come in and help us do that. Truthfully, a lot of times our clients ask us, “You do this for your clients, why aren’t you doing the same process for yourself?” 

The answer is: because it’s hard and there is value in having someone from the outside who is completely objective. 

They have no emotional baggage when it comes to your business, your product, or your service. They can ask you the tough questions and help you get past your blind spots. Your marketing and branding is who you are to the world and sometimes we all need guidance to convey the best message quickly, concisely, and powerfully. We want that engagement with every piece of marketing collateral we put out there. 

Bringing in that outside objectivity to help guide that conversation is going to result in extra value and quality out of your content. If you don’t have a strong story, it doesn’t matter how pretty your video content looks. It still needs to be on message and it needs to serve a purpose for you.

We want you to be in control of your narrative and to always begin a project with the end in mind. Bringing in outside help from time to time will make that a lot easier for you.

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The Value of an Outside Perspective: