This time it’s personal: Google changes its search results to reflect social media

(January 18, 2012) – Recently, the website Poynter posted an article about a new type of search that can be performed on Google.

Search Plus Your World delivers specific, personalized search results based on what a user’s online community has posted, shared, or linked.

This is different from the current search results on Google, which are based on SEO, or the frequency and use of keywords in a website or post. The search engine Bing already uses community activity from Facebook in it’s search results, and Google works primarily with Google+, but the search engine wants to incorporate both Facebook and Twitter into its personalized search results.

What does this mean for your business?

As we’ve mentioned before, social media is important to any company’s online business.

But now, how your company uses social media sites has become crucial to the success of your appearance in search results.

First, it is important that you develop a strong online network of clients, customers, and companies on social media sites; being connected will give you a chance to appear in their search results.

Also, it is important to post frequent and engaging material on your website, such as blog posts or videos.

By staying connected and engaging your audience, you can maximize the success of your social media sites and the prevalence of your company’s appearance in search results.

The new search form on Google does not eliminate the importance of SEO, but it does make social media more important than ever in online marketing.