Time Payment Shoot – Make Up Artist

make up 2Skillman Video Group has been working on creating a web video commercial series for our client Time Payment. This process has involved many crucial steps, and as the project presses on, we’re getting ever closer to the end result. The main steps involved are: Concept creation, Scripting, Casting Call, Shoot, and Video Post-Production. If you follow our blog, you have read posts about our concept creation philosophy, the details of the casting call we conducted, and now just recently we have completed the video shoot stage.


The video shoot included a professional film crew, professional make-up artist, and a paid actor. Prior to the shoot our actor had practiced his lines and prepared for a long day of filming.

make up 1To cater to the client’s ideal customer, we had to ensure the actor had the exact look that was sought. Our actor was chosen with this in mind, however he still seemed slightly too young for what we ideally wanted. So, we hired a professional make-up artist who refined his skin and applied some touches of grey to our actor’s beard, making him look slightly older.

Throughout the shoot the make-up artist was constantly touching up his skin and hair, making sure a consistent look was maintained. Also, the heat from the many set lights coupled with the strenuous task of acting, speaking, and reciting for hours on end results in the actor getting hot and perspiring, so the make-up artist was touching up his complexion and hair near constantly.

make up 3Each piece of creating a video is not unlike a pillar to a building that, once carefully constructed and erected, will serve as a crucial support structure to the project as a whole. We at Skillman Video Group like to ensure that each pillar is as strong, well-crafted, and properly placed as we can possibly manage.  It is this dedication to detail and quality that leaves our clients truly fulfilled and that distinguishes Skillman Video Group as Boston’s best video production company.      Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production Company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.