What to Expect on your Shoot Day

What should you expect to happen on the actual day of your shoot? 

Specifically, what should you expect when a video crew is coming to your place of business, and you are not in a studio situation? Here are some expectations from Boston video production agency, Skillman Video Group, to set on your shoot day that reflect the actual reality of the situation.

Various Moving Parts

First of all, video teams are not photographers. In video, you have a lot more moving pieces. You also have lighting and audio, and those pieces of equipment have filters, gels, and any number of tricks to give you the most beautiful shot possible. All of that equipment is carried on a pretty good sized cart.

This is the case if we’re just bringing out a small crew, but where clients often get surprised is in the length of time it takes one person to get set up. Understanding what is involved in doing a video and doing it well is key. It is not whipping out an iPhone. There is a lot of expensive equipment. 

Adapting to the Environment

There is a small amount of trial and error when we’re shooting on location. We, video production Boston agency, Skillman Video Group, don’t always have complete control over our environment, so we have to take what the sun or HVAC is going to give us and make lemonade out of lemons. We have to troubleshoot and think on the fly, which takes time. We always warn clients to expect it will take us 90 minutes to get fully set up before we’re ready to start rolling our first interview, if it’s a smaller crew.

The Size of the Crew

Some things to consider as you are planning the size of the crew are: how much room do you have and what budget do you have? Can you do a lot with just one person?

The answer is yes, but we want you to consider how much you are asking that one person to do. They have to set up the camera, lights, and audio. In an ideal situation, you would have a designated crew person for each one of those roles. If you don’t have the space within your workplace or you do not have the financial budget to do that, you can get by with one person. We have done it plenty of times. However, we want to prepare you that it’s going to take that person a much longer time to set up and break down. 

Once you have set these expectations, you can start to picture what is about to actually descend on you during the shoot. That way, you can plan appropriately.

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What to Expect on your Shoot Day: