Tips on Avoiding Project Failure

Corporate DesignImagine that you’ve just received funding for an awesome project that you’ve been thinking about for the past few months. Now your focus shifts to actually working on your project, so here comes the fun part. The fun part being the possibility of failure.

Sometimes a project, like a new video marketing campaign, will fall apart because of influences outside of your control, and other times you’re directly responsible for the problems. We don’t want you to bear an unnecessary burden, so we’ve put together a quick list of tips on how to avoid project failure!

1. The Budget is Wrong

Everyone wants their corporate video or marketing campaign to be an indisputable success. Corporate video and ad campaigns can be successful at virtually any budget, but expectations need to align with the proposed budget.

Before launching your businesses’ next online video marketing campaign, check to see if what you want is reasonable for the agreed on budget. Do you want a crane shot of the Boston skyline from the top of 200 Clarendon (formerly the John Hancock Tower)? Sure! We can get that. But, unfortunately that shot won’t be free.

Making videos for Boston businesses requires capital. First there’s the permits, then there’s gear, then there’s compensating our team, and other sometimes unexpected costs. But, at SVG, we’ll figure out the most cost-efficient way to get the results that your business wants.

2. The Concept Needed Work Several Weeks Ago

There’s a saying in Hollywood, which I wish was pithier. “It’s easy to make a bad film from a good script, but you can’t make a good film from a bad script.” Meaning, make sure that your concept is solid before moving onto a project’s next stages. How can you tell if your concept is solid? We advise that you turn to other professionals in your field to solicit feedback.

Don’t be afraid to spend a long time planning a project. More planning probably just means you actually care.

3. Everyone’s Out of the Loop. Oh, Including the Person Cutting the Check…

The worlds of business and sports share qualities with one another. Both draw type-A personalities, both tend reward individual achievement, and both require consistent, effective communication. Communication makes or breaks a team and communication can make or break a project.

If your team isn’t in the loop, then you might be duplicating efforts and tackling problems inefficiently. Keep everyone on the same page, especially the person with the money.

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