The Many Phases of Production: Pre-Production

It’s no surprise that creative and effectively produced videos are effective marketing tools for small businesses. But creating the right video takes time, planning, and patience. This can be broken down into three main phases of production: Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. Today we’ll take a quick look at how pre-production works.

Pre-Production is all about the planning. This is the phase in which all preparations for the shoot are being made in advance. The concept is being established between a producer, director, and client. Many different drafts are reviewed in an effort to establish not only the best possible message, but also the best delivery of the message. Once the core concept has been established, a final script is printed and organization around it really takes flight. Locations are locked in, actors (talent) are casted, equipment is rented or set aside, and storyboards are made. Good pre-production helps prepare a shoot for optimum success, essentially planning for every possible need of the shoot. It also helps to prevent any potential problems down the road (ie. A shoot calls for a coffee shop, but we are shooting in a bakery). Once everything is locked down, a schedule is finalized and the next phase of production can begin.

One of the many benefits of working with Skillman Video Group is knowing that every detail of a production is planned ahead of time, setting the shoot up for success. Contact SVG today for your next video project!