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When we heard that we were shooting a music video, we couldn’t help but be thrilled as it was a first for Skillman Video Group. Being able to give an artist a powerful and compelling platform is one of the many ways that video production services are powerful pieces of communication that artists need to be utilizing Music video production, Boston video production, video marketing companies, New England video productionin today’s culture to remain relevant. For any musicians out there seeking professional Boston video production company, you should know that SVG will capture your visions with professionalism and quality direction to execute a compelling moving picture that enhances and compliments your song.

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For our first music video, we worked with the charismatic and talented, Joz Victor. He is a Haitian artist that sought out a Boston video production company to shoot and produce a music video for his first single, “Here I am”. His main audience consists of French speaking countries. Before his tour kicks off, he wanted to have a music video ready for “Here I am”. He chose SVG because he wanted a professional and local New England video service company as he felt this would ensure getting the job done quickly and correctly. The team he received consisted of a director, director of photography, cameraman, gaffer, costume designer, hair and makeup artist, model, caster, and two production assistants. This assembled group was able to execute his ideas in beautiful and creative ways while offering professional direction.

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The shoot took place in the North Shore of Massachusetts just outside of Boston. The coastal views were pristine and the gray weather actually enhanced the moodiness. As a New England video service company, we felt right at home amidst the cool gray beaches and were hopeful for the ways it would look on camera. The colors were striking- a beautiful palette of grays, blues, browns, and purples slightly washed out by the fog and clouds. When it Music video production, Boston video production, video marketing companies, New England video productioncame to the shots overlooking the beach and ocean, the background and lighting was a gorgeous backdrop and compliment to Joz and his model.

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In the house, the lighting again was ideal. We still needed the assistance of artificial lights to keep the subjects faces lit, but nature did most of the work for us. Some may think that it’s easier to shoot or photograph on a bright sunny day, but that actually isn’t all true. Cloud cover and gray days are a cameraman’s dream because the shadows and highlights are neither too intense nor too subtle, it’s a balanced type of lighting. For this reason, we felt lucky to have gotten the weather we received that day. Joz being a Haitian native wasn’t the most adapted to the brisk breeze, though after a few dance moves on camera, he was able to warm himself up just fine. Music video production, Boston video production, video marketing companies, New England video production

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Inside the house, there were many rooms and views we knew we wanted to take advantage of. As a Boston video production company, it isn’t everyday that we get to shoot in such a cool and beautiful environment and that alone kept the excitement fresh all day. There was the bedroom with large glass windows encasing the inside from the brisk ocean breeze, the bathroom with a spa-dream jacuzzi tub, the ballroom with a classic grand piano, and the living room lit by candles and a fire. Together, it looked so Music video production, Boston video production, video marketing companies, New England video productionclassy that Frank Sinatra wouldn’t have looked out of place. We took advantage of it all, and what came was a beautifully moving narrative that allowed Joz to expound on the ideas that he wrote into this song.

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As a Boston video production company, we anticipate and excitedly await for future projects that involve music videos and musicians. To promote a live event or create a visual representation of a song, video production services have true authority in the ability to effectively capture and express an artist’s message. So, keep in mind Skillman Video Group when seeking New England video services for your next musical or artistic video ideas.

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