Top Online Marketing Initiatives to Take in 2015

Marketing Initiatives 2015The Future Is Almost Here

2014 will be coming to a close in a matter of weeks, and, as always, it’s a time for resolutions.  What will you be hoping to achieve or accomplish in the new year?  Like any business owner, you’ll probably be looking to push your business onward and upward.  Well, the future is almost here, and if you’re savvy, you’ll be jumping into 2015 with some marketing initiatives queued up and ready to roll.  To prepare you for what lies ahead, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top online marketing initiatives to take in 2015.  With this kind of foresight, you have the ability to push your business towards the front of the pack.

Top Online Marketing Initiatives to Take in 2015

2015: call it the year of mobile and content marketing.  While those two sit at the tippy top of the list of things to keep an eye on, there’s plenty more to keep in mind.

  • Mobile optimization: the importance of mobile will only continue to rise and expand, sure to reach all-time peaks in 2015.  From mobile search (previously discussed in our blog post on the future of search engines) to mobile content, you must make sure that your site is fully optimized.
  • The ever-growing importance of content marketing: content marketing is expected to be bigger than ever in the new year.  That means making sure that your content is not only optimized for mobile but also informative, interesting, and easily digestible.  If you have very little content to show, now’s the time to change that.  You could start a blog, build a video library, or, even better, do both.  You can never have enough content.  It’s one of the primary influencers of search visibility.  Don’t let your business go unseen.
    • SEO will become even more intertwined with content marketing: without a solid content strategy, your SEO campaigns will become ineffective.
    • Social media will become a core pillar of content marketing: take advantage of social media.  Create and connect with an online audience.
  • Put a human face on your business: it’s becoming more important that you humanize your business.  Put a smiling face on your company, whether that’s through video content, social media, etc.
  • SEO will become more tool-based and focused on the technical side of things and less focused on the client marketing side.

At Skillman Video Group, we have the skills and expertise to look ahead and prepare for the future of online marketing.  If you’re looking to build and optimize your content, we’re here to help.

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