4 Key Tips for Better Online Engagement

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Companies large and small now fully realize the importance of an effective online presence. Blog posts, landing pages, videos, and beyond: content is king, and like our motto suggests, we at Skillman Video Group want to bring your from concept to content. In an online landscape that is constantly evolving, we wanted to get you up to speed with a 4 key tips for better online engagement that will modernize and rejuvenate your online presence, both in philosophy and practice.

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Online competition is abundant, and online marketers are becoming more and more savvy and deliberate with every note of color, boarder line, and type face. Don’t ignore the importance of aesthetics. A website that looks elementary comes across as just that, and the impression reflects onto your business.

The very nature of a website is that it is not exactly in the real world; it’s online, it’s virtual. Anyone can make a website, and their are many out there that are less than trustworthy or simply sub-par. Make sure your website looks the part by placing importance on design, color, layout, aesthetic, and usability.

A good example of this is Boston’s famous Prudential Building. Built in the 1960’s, insurance companies well realized that their financial products are not material items able to be touched and understood. Their value to their customers is intangible and largely built on a factor of trust. How do they increase this factor of trust? They build a beautiful skyscraper, symbolizing their strength. This increases customer trust, loyalty, and builds their brands perceived reliability. It’s the same reason high end banks like to guild their buildings with expensive stones and gold adornments, it’s shows that their bank has the resources to protect its clients. Your website should be the Prudential Building, not an insurance company in a run down strip mall.

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Your website content is important, and you’ll want it to be as succinct and elegant as possible, especially on the more permanent webpages of your site. In addition to slick website pages, you’ll want clever social content. Social content refers to blogs and posts that are constantly changing and updating, as opposed to the more static elements of your website, like for example, a website’s “about us” or “our story” page.

It is a good idea to emphasize the social elements on your site because it portrays activeness, enthusiasm, energy, and cultivates sustained engagement. But, this is not as simple as pumping out blog post after blog post. You need to understand your target market and client base, ponder what their early stage questions are long before they might decide to seek a company likes yours, and create content around these ideas. Provide meaningful insight to the right questions and become part of someones answer.

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Social content isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Your content shouldn’t only be smart, it should be consistently smart and reoccurring. Post a blog post every week or every few days. Disburse your post through out all of your social media channels. Encourage feedback and engagement. Excite your followship, reiterate your value, and constantly come up with new ways to not only engage with your customer base but also new ways you can meet their needs. In our rapidly changing technological and economic environment, new opportunities are more possible than ever before, you just have to be willing to find them.

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Online content is useless if it’s not accessible. When someone asks Google a question that your company can answer, you’ll want to make sure to speak up. To do this, all your online content needs to be properly optimized for high search engine rankings. This means using SEO (search engine optimization) best practices. If your content isn’t keyword rich, isn’t linked well, and isn’t properly meta-data optimized, that google search will suggest another answer to the searcher, and you’ll be pages and pages back in the search results, something we here at SVG call “no mans land”. SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) are both a science and an art, and the game is constantly changing. Make sure your company is using the most up-to-date SEO practices, and you’ll be on your way to more online exposure and more conversions from your site.

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Becoming an online force to be reckoned with is only a few well thought out and properly executed steps away. Skillman Video Group is here to help you with all your online marketing needs, be it search engine marketing and SEO, content creation including blogs, landing pages, and videos, social media marketing and email marketing, and so on. If you’d like a free consultation as to how you can better optimize your online presence, call or email us today, or check out our customizable and affordable Online Marketing Packages.

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