Upcoming Shoot For MIT

Come Friday, March 17 Skillman Video Group for the 3rd time in a row will be at MIT Sloan School of Management to document their annual Doctorate Research Forum with the latest Boston videography. SVG has been providing professional video services that provide them with high quality video content so that there would be good documentation of the presentations with a quick turnaround. Last time SVG brought in one of our Boston Videographers, and set up two cameras, a light, and two mics to thoroughly capture the presentations. Even though this will be SVG’s 3rd time capturing this event, planning is still required for the best video results. Before the event directors, producers and some crew will go to the location and will prepare so the event can be capture smoothly.

The Pre-Production.

In order to go in prepared and bring the correct equipment are going to be needed the main crew will meet to discuss. They will head over to MIT’s location to take picture and see the scope of the location. If it’s new location from last years’ things will have to be a little different. Things like where will be the screen be set up and how many people will attend all is taken to consideration. That helps to better locate cords, wires, lights, audio pull in, tripods, cameras and other equipment. Since this will be a live event, mistakes can’t happen. The crew will need to be as invisible as possible as there can’t be any last minute shenanigans. Before heading on to the shoot SVG and the MIT event coordinator will sit and have a conversation to go through the checklist of pre-production.

MIT room Upcoming Shoot For MIT 1 Upcoming Shoot For MIT 2

Shooting Video at a Live Event

There are number of challenges when it comes to live event.  Usually live events are temporary and subject to change, offering little control over the activities. Directors make quick decisions to try their best to capture moments and get the best content out of every shot.  That’s why speaking to the client ahead of time for consultation and planning is the best to prepare for the day of the shoot.

Stay tuned to hear about the shoot! For more information please contact Boston video production company Skillman Video Group, LLC anytime at 1-800-784-0140.