Uplevel your Conference Highlight Reel

Conference highlight reels are a great way to recap events and communicate your brand. If you scour the web, you can see any number of shapes, sizes, lengths, and styles of conference highlight reels. When creating your own conference reel, we, Boston video production agency Skillman Video Group, like to have you think very strategically. You should really understand the why behind what you are doing, as well as what you want your audience to think or feel when they are done watching it. 

Even if you are doing a highlight reel, an important question to keep in mind is: how can you use that to grow your brand and communicate something that speaks to your company values? That could be how it’s shot, how you narrow in on two to three key messages, or how you focus on the narrative as much as you focus on the creativity and the quality of the shots behind it.

For example, you leave a lot to chance when you tell a video crew to just go out on the trade show floor and get a bunch of interviews. You might get great sound bites, and you might not get not so great sound bites. That’s certainly one approach and again, there is no right or wrong answer. You want to be intentional about the kind of video you are putting out there. 

Another approach might be as you look at the attendee list, you should look at who is coming and really think about who you want to interview. Who is your ideal kind of client? What is your ‘why’? Why are you doing this video? What are you hoping people are going to think or feel when they’re done watching it? After you have answered those questions, be strategic about who you ask to get those soundbites from.

You can even prep your talent a little bit ahead of time so they are comfortable. If they know it’s coming and they’ve agreed to be in the video, you remove a lot of the awkwardness of suddenly putting them on the spot to think of something witty to say. 

So, always remember, nothing is by accident. All is by design. That is just as true as a live event highlight reel or a conference highlight reel as it is about a company brand video. Even if you want it to look like it’s happening by accident, it really should be by design because we want you to be in control of your narrative no matter what kind of video content you are creating. 

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Want to Uplevel your Conference Highlight Reel?