Vanessa O’Brien’s Lecture on “High Performing Teams”


Vanessa O’Brien’s Lecture on “High Performing Teams”

Skillman Video Group prides itself on customer service and experience. We build relationships with our clients, we treat them as though they’re a person, a friend, and we provide service to the utmost of our abilities. This recipe has forged our brand as the quality Boston video production company that we strive so diligently to be.

An effect of this philosophy is that many of our clients return to us the next time they need quality video production, content creation, brand development, or marketing expertise. In our most recent case, that return client was Vanessa, a woman who has utilized our services many times and had a new project she wanted us to take on.

Vanessa O’Brien is a unique individual. She recently accomplished what they in the extreme explorers crowd call “The Explorer’s Grand Slam”, which is successfully climbing the tallest peak of each continent (there’s seven) AND make it to both The North and The South Pole. Vanessa did this within one year, the first woman to ever accomplish such a  timely feat.


As she went forward with her irrefutably ambitious plans, she carried with her a GoPro camera, recording segments of her hikes, climbs, and nomadic life. This, as you might imagine, racked up some serious hours of footage. When Vanessa needed it cut down to an engaging and attractive 10 minute video, it was SVG she turned to.

Most recently, last Wednesday, Vanessa O’Brien’s lecture on “High Performing Teams” at a Boston College class that studies “highly effective teams”. Vanessa wanted this lecture documented, so again, she turned to SVG, knowing that we can deliver excellence without hassle. Her talk was two hours long and the students were clearly very engaged in her tales of such fascinating travels. The shoot went without a hitch, and SVG once more held up to it’s reputation; Boston’s best video production company.  Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production Company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.