Video of the Week – Allstate’s Mayhem Commercials

As we’ve recently discussed different applications for video, this week we will look at an example of a video that is used on television and on a company’s website but also has strong social media appeal.  Allstate has been well known for their serious-natured commercials that aim to convert viewers by appealing to their vulnerability and offering a service that is reliable and comforting.  Recently, Allstate launched a new advertising campaign that delivers a similar message but replaces the serious mood with comedy; as a result their videos have received thousands of hits on and on YouTube.

In their new campaign, Allstate is tapping into the free advertising power of social media by offering videos that are humorous and enjoyable to watch.  They’ve personified the unpredictable nature of car ownership in the form of a character called “Mayhem.”  Viewers who enjoy these videos feel inclined to share them with friends, and in this way they can achieve viral status.  It is important to note that Allstate still runs its serious commercials as well, recognizing that although there is some overlap, these differing video styles appeal to different audiences.

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