Video Pre-Production Game Plans

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”  – Paul J. Meyer

Before the Patriots take the field on any given Sunday, they have spent countless hours  planning, strategizing,  and practicing.  Sometimes for days or weeks before “game day”!  Without these precious hours of preparation, the overall game plan would be chaos –  players would run around like mad, Tom Brady would have to chuck the football carelessly (and without adequate protection), and the Patriots would NEVER be able to win a Super Bowl!!

Likewise, in professional video production, pre-production and planning is a necessary step before lights, before cameras, and before anyone ever says “action!”.  The entire team, talent, crew, and producers need to be on the same page about the vision for the video, the location and timing of the shoot, and the final end result.  Imagine giving a sales pitch but without any notes, research, and preparation.  It is a sure bet things will not go well.  Just like your potential clients appreciate the time and effort you put into your presentations & business meetings, your audience will appreciate the time and attention to detail in your corporate video.  It really does make a difference!

Before any filming happens, the Skillman Video Group producers will meet with you and get an idea for what your vision is for your professional video.  What kind of video do you want?  How do you want it to stand out?  This communication is essential to the process so your video can come out exactly as (or better than) what you envision.  Further along, the script or shot-list will be written and revised, so everyone knows what they say in the video and/or the exact number of shots needed in each location.   Communication between the Producer and the client allows the pieces to come together and for everyone to have the same game plan for the video.  When a date, time, and location for shooting is scheduled and all the necessary preparation is done – magic happens!

Believe it or not, shooting the video is the step in the whole video process that usually takes the LEAST amount of time and the more preparation done before the camera crew arrives, the smoother, faster and ultimate easier the day will be.  Having the proper “game plan” before production starts ensures your project will be done on time and on budget!  Skillman Video Group has years of experience in professional video production and we know from that experience  that planning and preparation is the key to a successful project.  Your audience will appreciate the results from all the time and effort put into a professional video.  As Mr. Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, always say “Measure twice, cut once”.  What rings true in the NFL also rings true in professional video production.  Call today for more information about our script writing and pre-production planning services, or email us at [email protected]!!