Skillman Video Group Chronicles Drew Houston’s Inspirational Lecture at MIT

A High-Profile Event at MIT


Skillman Video Group LLC recently had the honor of being selected by the MIT Tech Review and the MIT Enterprise Forum Global branch for a high-profile video shoot.

Our task was to capture a special visit by Drew Houston, an esteemed MIT alum and the visionary co-founder and CEO of Dropbox.

Strategic Planning for a Smooth Execution

Given the significance of the event, our client demanded the highest quality video to memorialize the occasion.

The event was scheduled in the Kirsch Auditorium within the MIT Stata Center, a modern marvel of architecture and one of the most sought-after lecture halls on campus.

Due to the auditorium’s busy schedule, our window for setup was incredibly tight — a mere 30 minutes between the end of classes and the start of the interview.

Efficient Setup Under Pressure

Our team prepared meticulously, positioning as much equipment as possible outside the auditorium to ensure a rapid deployment the moment classes concluded.

As soon as we were able, we moved in with precision, setting up lights, positioning two high-definition cameras, and conducting a thorough audio check.

This well-coordinated effort allowed us to be fully prepared without disrupting the academic environment.

Technical Considerations for Optimal Coverage

To ensure comprehensive coverage of the event, we stationed a DSLR camera at the front of the auditorium for close-up shots and a high-definition video camera at the back to capture the overall scene.

Due to the size of the auditorium and the distance from the stage, the rear camera was equipped with a special telephoto lens to capture detailed images and maintain quality throughout.

Seamless Audio Integration

Audio quality was paramount, given the scope and scale of the auditorium.

We ran an extensive audio cable from the sound booth directly to our rear camera, ensuring that every word spoken by Mr. Houston was captured with clarity.

This setup not only facilitated excellent sound capture but also streamlined the post-production editing process.

Rapid Post-Production Turnaround

Following the conclusion of the shoot, our team immediately began the editing process.

The efficiency and skill of our video editors enabled us to provide a rough cut of the 90-minute lecture to our client by midnight on the same day—an impressive feat that underscored our commitment to quality and timely delivery.

Lasting Impressions for a Global Audience

The success of this shoot not only reinforced our reputation for professional excellence but also ensured that our clients could share a significant moment with a global audience.

Drew Houston’s insights, framed by our video coverage, will inspire current and future generations of MIT students and the wider tech community.