Web Video Marketing – Exploring video concepts!

One of the many useful services offered at Skillman Video Group is the opportunity to create a video for your company’s website. Let’s face it – almost every organization today has some form of web domain or website. It’s commonplace for most of these websites to utilize more advanced web elements (such as flash animations, elaborate website formats, or web videos) to enhance an organization’s image. But how exactly can something like a web video be utilized for a website? Is it just a fancy intro, or just another commercial? Not at all! There’s so much more you can use video for in your website. Here are a few simple examples, just to get the ball rolling:

– Web Profile: Your basic “this is who we are” video. This could be used as both a commercial piece and an introduction to your website. The Web Profile helps paint a better picture of what your organization does through the medium of web video, instantly grabbing the attention of the visitor.

– Personal Profile: Along the same vein as the web profile, the personal profile helps visitors know more about the people involved within your organization. By associating a face (and voice) with a company’s image, it helps captivate your audience and demonstrates a commitment to your respective goals.

– Recent Events: Demonstrate to your visitors just what you’ve been up too lately! By showcasing work/events related to your organization, it helps demonstrate activity, as well as emphasize the existing accomplishments your group has already achieved.

– Testimonials: Does someone in your community rave about your website? Why not have a video testimonial? Showcase client reviews or highlight what the community has been saying about your organization’s recent activity!

– Upcoming Events: Nothing spells success like staying busy. Let everyone in your community know what your plans are for the future with an upcoming events video. This can also act as a teaser of sorts, enticing visitors to learn more about your group.

Once again, just a few simple ways that web video marketing can help strengthen a website. With help from Skillman Video Group, these options and more are available for your website!