What’s in an edit?

What's in an edit? 1

(November 20, 2012) – No matter how compelling the script, how magnificent the footage, or how dynamic the message, professional editing is what transforms videos from well-done productions into exceptional media.

There are many companies, like Savant Systems of Hyannis, MA, that shoot their own corporate videos and then contract SVG to edit and finish their work.

They have found outsourcing their video editing to be cost-effective because editing equipment is expensive and the process is very time-consuming.  And they acknowledge that when SVG’s editors add graphics, music, and voiceovers, they can produce professional-grade pieces in a short turnaround.

SVG prides itself on our customer service process from start to finish. 

From our first conceptual meeting, we consider it our job to understand what the client is trying to produce and then use our skills to bring it into reality.

We are flexible at every level of production.  If a client only wants help with scripting, that is what we will do.

If editing is what is needed, we offer the power of our professional skills and equipment. All of the production processes can be compartmentalized and offered as a service, whatever our customers’ needs.

And one final thing to remember: even though we are a Boston-based video production company, we are ready and able to serve clients around the world.

Today’s technology makes it possible for us to receive and send large video files electronically.  A simple conference call can discuss corrections or edits, and your piece can be ready for prime time on the web in a relatively short period of time.

If you need help fine-tuning or finishing your video projects, please contact us today!