Working in Vacationland: SVG shoots in Maine for law firm Briggs and Counsel

Working in Vacationland: SVG shoots in Maine for law firm Briggs and Counsel 1

SVG shooting a close up of an accident scene for Briggs & Wholey!

It’s been a busy week for the Skillman Video Group production team.  While one crew shot an internal video for international company FIDI in Boston, another headed up to Rockport, Maine to produce marketing and expertise videos for personal injury law firm Briggs and Counsel (soon to be Briggs and Wholey). This is SVG’s latest of many projects for attorney clients, the second this month. Once again, our latest client found SVG through a Google search and chose us based on our experience shooting high quality law videos as seen on our comprehensive website.  SVG’s diligence and commitment to marketing our business with SEO is a testament to how well it works for drawing customers.

Law firms have been commissioning marketing videos with rising popularity.  This is due to the increasing competition in the field and the necessity to be set apart from the rest of the pack. Clients are looking for lawyers that they can trust and win their case for them under difficult circumstances. Choosing a lawyer for a personal injury claim is an important decision and can mean the difference in the quality of life they lead from there on out.  Marketing videos give a face to your company and show an insight into why customers should trust you with their case.  It is this personal touch that can give a law firm or attorney the edge when competing for clients.

In addition to the marketing video, SVG also shot expertise videos for Briggs and Counsel to put on their website. Like the previous shoot for attorney Michael Del Signore, these short 1-2 minute videos explain the logistics for clients about their particular claim.  This further propels the notion that this is a company that is professional and gets the job done for you.

Combining these efforts with internet marketing and SEO, Briggs and Counsel is on their way to attaining more customers. SVG’s total package approach will assuredly drive more traffic to their website thusly creating the convergence of professional high quality videos and internet marketing- the perfect match.