4k Footage from Skillman Video Group

Here at Skillman video group, our video producers have recently achieved the ability to offer 4K video for new projects.  We would like to take a moment to help you understand what 4K can mean for your business’ video content.


comparison of 4k video size


As of right now, there’s no good way to share or display 4K footage on the web, but creating higher resolution content now positions you to get the most out of your footage in the future. We don’t know when the ability to stream or broadcast such high resolution images will become mainstream, but building a library of high resolution images and projects now will ensure that when that time comes you’re prepared for the switch.

Leeway in Postproduction

One of the other major benefits of 4K footage comes in the postproduction process. The additional resolution allows us to adjust the framing of the image.  The current approach to making these kind of adjustments is to downgrade the resolution of the image and make adjustments using the extra space that’s given us, but with higher resolution footage  we can make those adjustments without affecting the quality of the image.

Just a Better Image

In the end, 4k just results in a better image. It can be a subtle difference in the colors or the highlights, but higher resolution footage will result in a better viewing experience for your audience. At times it can be hard to put your finger on it, but high-resolution footage creates a better product.

If your business is looking to make a large investment in video production, you should consider the advantages that 4k resolution footage provides and will ensure that the returns on investment aren’t cut short by the transition to higher resolution content in the future.