Honoring the Creative Process

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There is no doubt that video is everywhere. It’s always been on our movie screens and television channels for quite some time, but now video has infiltrated every corner of the internet. There are YouTube channels, video blogs, online advertisements, tutorial clips, and the list goes on. With all of the different types of ways video can be recorded (iPhones, GoPro cameras, etc), it’s important that people take the time to invest in the best possible equipment. Professional production companies’ cameras will greatly surpass the capabilities of cellular phones, professional microphones will more clearly record sound than the built-in audio of a GoPro, and so on. But, all professional quality filming aside, being a great video production company isn’t just about providing beautiful visuals – its also about recognizing what separates your company from the others. At Skillman Video Group, we know we have all of the best video equipment as any other top Boston video production company would. Yet, we stand above the competition by acknowledging the power of our “creative process”; it’s not only what keeps us on top of our business…it’s what keeps you on top of yours.

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“Creative process” is a very general phrase we use that encapsulates all of the creative work, brainstorming, market research, and artistic liberties that go into every video we work on. Because we take our work very seriously and professionally, we make sure that a lot of time and effort has gone into ensuring the success and authenticity of each video we make. Especially in the age of videos being everywhere, it’s important to have your video stand out above the rest. What makes it different? What makes it unique? What makes someone want to watch more? These are the kinds of questions everyone should be asking when they’re about to jump into production for a professional video.

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The beauty of hiring a professional video production company is that this essential “creative process” is inherently part of our everyday work. Our CEO Christina Skillman has her degree from a top university in film, with creative experience in both business-related videos as well as artistic-related ones. Our Boston professional videographers at SVG have vast experience with all different types of movie shoots, corporate videos, and commercials/advertising. As a team, we all collectively play a part in this essential “creative process” before making the perfect video – and believe it or not, so do you!

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When you come to us, as an individual or with/for your business, we make sure that you are equally part of the creative process for your video(s). We will discuss with you in length the reasoning behind, and desire for, making a video. What are your goals? What are you trying to accomplish? More often than none, they are very simple concepts and simple goals. However, the trick is to take these simple concepts and goals and make them something interesting, unique, and stimulating. This is where our “creative process” makes us the best in what we do. We encourage market research to see the other kinds of successful videos people are similarly producing that you like. We offer to help you develop a script that is as entertaining and innovative as it is personal and informative. We have a repertoire of professional video production associates all over Boston to help your video include special effects, animation graphics, professionally cast actors, etc.

The point being, we honor and pay great respect to this essential creative process. Anyone can hire a video production company with good equipment, but not all of them have a well-rounded, explorative creative process. We do. And we encourage you to have one as well. Or, better yet, collaborate with us in our creative process to provide you with the best video product you could ever ask for.

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