5 Corporate Video Ideas

When it comes to Boston video production, you may think that such a field only applies to consumer-focused video marketing campaigns. However, Boston corporate video also falls under this umbrella, which works a little differently. Corporate video can be used for a variety of purposes, but ultimately, the objective of any kind of corporate video is to communicate an idea or message from the top-down to consumers, other businesses, or employees. At SVG we have picked 5 essential types of corporate videos that we recommend you consider for your next video production shoot.

Brand Video

A brand video is typically used for re-positioning a brand name in the public’s eye, perhaps by illustrating the company’s story or background. For example, Honda had a fantastic brand video this past year that illustrated the company’s evolution from creating motorcycle parts to crafting technology and hardware for spaceships and beyond. This is a brand video because it is bringing to life the story of Honda and calling attention to the brand name, rather than a specific product or service.

Concept video

One of the best areas to show examples of concept videos is the video game industry.

Say you have to pitch a new IP to the board, so you present a video that tries to illustrate the ultimate vision, or the ultimate concept of the new video game. A company that has used these videos to great effect is Google. To illustrate its long-term goals with augmented reality (ex: Google Glass) Google needed to create a conceptual video so that consumers would understand what exactly the product is, because it is the first of it’s kind.


For this kind of corporate video, it is especially effective when someone from higher up the corporate ladder is on camera. A CEO talking in a candid and unscripted (or seemingly unscripted) interview will do wonders in boosting employee morale and motivation.

The interviewee can describe a new project or upcoming product, or take things a step further and just talk about general topics so that the video doesn’t come off as a hard sell.

Corporate Training Video

Although mainly used for internal purposes, a corporate training video can be vital to the success of your company, video production-related or not. In the case of re-branding, a corporate training video can break down the do’s and don’ts of new corporate policy guidelines, such as a reward/incentive based program. This type of video is also great for quickly explaining how to use new machinery or web interfaces to employees across multiple branches.

Live Event Videos

These videos can be used for both external and internal purposes. For external, a live event video from a company does a great job of illustrating personality and humanizing a corporation. For example, a live event video of a company’s anniversary celebration would show consumers how the company employees are people just like them who know how to have fun.

Interview Segment

Live Corporate Event

As for internal usage, a live event video can also boost morale for employees and the pride they take in their work. For example, a company award banquet can be taped so that employees can aspire to be invited to the event and eventually be recognized for their efforts.

Use each of these types of videos in conjunction with one another, and you’ll be on your way to choosing the best corporate video for your company.

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