5 Tips for More Video Views

You made an awesome video for your newest client, but now there’s a problem: it’s not getting traction. This is a common problem even in today’s digital landscape, but our specialists at Skillman Video Group have a few key tips to ensure you rack up the views that your Boston video production company deserves.

Quick and Catchy Titles

As tempting as it may be to describe exactly what a video is going to be about in the title, we advise you to avoid this approach. Instead, aim for a concise and snappy name that integrates into search engine optimization and plants an impression for what the video will entail. If it is a video about recent changes in corporate policy for a chemical manufacturing plant, aim for a short title like: corporate video- policy change.

Post on Specific or Relevant Dates

This point applies on a case-by-case basis, but a good rule of thumb is to use well-known weekends or days in a specific industry. For example, if you are doing video production for a baseball team, you could easily capitalize on opening day. This point also factors in the regular schedule of a client’s content. If they regularly post videos on Tuesday, their audience probably expects a video to be posted on Tuesday even if it was outsourced.

Use YouTube cards/ annotations

These two key features are great for YouTube marketing, especially for driving traffic to older content. Use a card (sort of like a PowerPoint slide) to have a clickable video link that is related to the video at hand, or use an annotation (text-based) to give extra information.

Re-post on Holidays, Anniversaries, etc

This is similar to the second point, but focuses more on content that has already been uploaded for some time. Re-posting content can seem totally organic as long as you time it on a related holiday, weekend, etc. If you have an old video for a travel agency, you could re-post the link on the first day of summer, giving it new energy and life.

Tailor Social Media Outlets

Video marketing is increasingly requiring more knowledge of different social media platforms, each with their own style and purpose. On Facebook, a video can be supplemented with a lot of context or a really grandiose quote. However, the same video posted on Twitter will not have all the luxuries that a Facebook post will have, but that’s okay because Twitter is a different beast. It requires the post to be concise, full of hash tags and perfectly timed.

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