A Visual Look Into Acupuncture

(January 5, 2017) – This past week, Skillman Video Group was hard at work creating professional video content for acupuncturist Robert Gracey.

Robert’s acupuncture practice is not only an interesting one, but one that has helped countless people overcome various physical problems that otherwise would have been very painful.

Working alongside Robert to map out the goals and objectives of his video, our professional video production company broke down the shoot into three major categories: testimonials and interviews, a look into Robert’s lifestyle, and insight into the actual work he does in his medical office.

Gathering this type of footage would enable us to create a video that will give viewers full insight into all that is Robert Gracey, an acupuncturist at large!

Testimonial Interview Questions

A Visual Look Into Acupuncture 1

Because we want people to learn all about Robert, we broke down this part of the shoot into two sections: talking with Robert about his practice, and also talking with Robert’s patients about how his acupuncture practice has helped them.

The first hours of the shoot took place in the Mind & Body Studio of the Mount Auburn Club in Watertown, MA. In a large, open space with plenty of natural light, we took full advantage of the serene setting and used it as the perfect spot for our interviews.

Our professional video production team was comprised of our Boston videographer Jake Thomas, CEO Christina Skillman, and SVG interns Anna Topping & Deane Sullivan.

Using state-of-the art lighting equipment, sound microphones, and cameras, we ensured a professional film set that would make everyone look and sound their best.

Shooting the Testimonials

The testimonials were really wonderful and insightful. We had two different patients with very different backgrounds.

One was a man who suffered from pain and poor vision due to glaucoma, and the other was a woman who also suffered with pain due to hip related problems. Both spoke with us casually for about an hour or so; telling us a little bit about themselves, when their pain first began, and how Robert’s practice helped them in many ways.

Following these testimonials, we spoke with Robert for an hour or two. He told us about his former unhealthy lifestyle, and how he made a full turnaround regarding his exercise, diet, and adoption of Eastern Medicine. He then went on to tell us all about his acupuncture practice: the benefits, what it entails, and how we could all incorporate it into our lives.

With Christina Skillman asking questions and helping to navigate the conversation, we gathered a lot of interesting, important information that will be perfect for the final professional video product.

A Look Into Robert’s Lifestyle 

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After the seated interviews in the Mind & Body Studio were completed, our Boston videographer Jake used his steadicam to follow Robert around in various activities that he does.

This primarily included, as we said before, exercise, lifestyle and diet. First, Robert created a space to meditate in, clearing his mind and thoughts. Quietly, we stood by and filmed his meditation ritual for a few minutes. Next, our professional video production team followed Robert into the kitchen to learn a little bit about the kinds of healthy food he prepares.

Friendly shots of him cutting vegetables and talking to the camera will be perfect to include in his professional video; they allow us to see the man in action. After the kitchen, we migrated to the workout space of the Mount Auburn Club to shoot various clips of Robert exercising. Even with people around us working out, Robert was a pro at showing us [on camera] the daily parts of his regimen.

It’s one thing for someone to sit in a chair and talk to you about all of the healthy things they do, but its another thing for someone to bring you to the gym and show you all of the healthy things they do. We were very impressed with his routine and stamina, and we know everyone who now watches his video will be too. It was inspiring!

A Peek Into The Practice 

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Lastly, after about 7 hours at the Mount Auburn Club, our video production team packed up our professional video equipment and drove to his acupuncture office a few miles away.

A calming office space was the perfect way for us to end the shoot, providing us with footage to show people what his acupuncture practice actually entails.

With Robert leading, he showed our production team the eye-opening aspects of his practice. Many people have a preconceived notion and fear that acupuncture is exclusively sticking large, scary needles into their bodies. Quite the opposite!

Robert has adopted Chinese-style acupuncture, which uses very small needles that are hardly felt. Aromatherapy, in addition to several other kinds of practices, is also used when patients visit Robert.

Capturing all of these moments on camera will help to open the eyes of many people who may have never thought that acupuncture would be a good fit for them. The lavender oils alone would keep me coming back for more!

Wrapping Up

It was a wonderful shoot with Robert. As a Boston video production company, we thoroughly enjoy helping to create these kinds of videos about our local leaders and heroes. Healthy lifestyles, in addition to adoption of Eastern Medicine, are sometimes the long-awaited cure(s) for many people suffering chronic pain from physical and mental problems. Robert is a miracle worker, and creating professional video content for him to share and hopefully help dozens more people as a result is why we love doing what we do!