Casting Session for Beginners

(August 8, 2016) – Recently, I attended a casting session for a new project that Skillman Video Group is going to be producing later this month.

Casting Session
Casting Session

This is going to be a big production with 10 hired actors, pyrotechnics, and lots of action. Due to the fact that this is going to be a major production using SVG’s video production services to film 6 different commercials, everything has to be planned and organized accordingly.

This was the first time I ever attended a casting call and there were a few basic observations that could help any future intern attending one.


This particular production requires 10 hired actors for the Boston production company to get the shots they desire.

When the casting company sent out the invitation to all agencies in the area, there was a response of 78 actors just for the first day alone. This is a lot of people to observe and record to see if they would be a fit for SVG as a video marketing company.

It was a long day that required everyone involved in the films full attention. Producers are looking for a specific person to play the role they envision, and with that many people auditioning, it can get a little hectic.

Staying focused, taking notes, and reviewing after every 10 auditions was a great tactic when determining who was the best candidate for the role.

Know the Material

Understanding the type of film that the Boston video company, SVG, is producing can help enable your ability to judge the auditions informatively.

Who actually attends these auditions and makes the final decision?

Well at this specific casting session, our panel consisted of the company manager who hired Skillman Video Group to produce this marketing video, Christina Skillman the owner of the production company and producer of the film, a script writer, and myself as the intern.

These select groups of people were the best individuals to have at the casting call because they were determining the true talent for the film.

It is very important to select these actors because they will portray the image envisioned.

Energy Level

Keeping a composed and focused energy throughout the day may seem like an easy task when you have only seen the first 20 actor auditions.

As a professional, one must always be fully attentive to the actors and give each one the respect they deserve.

Ways to keep your energy levels high when working at a casting session would be to always have water handy. Staying hydrated is good for your physical and mental well-being during a long day of auditioning.

Having snacks throughout the day will also help with energy levels, along with a big lunch. It was very kind that the casting company ordered us lunch mid day so that we could keep our energy focused on the actors walking in.

There are many important experiences and moments in business while working with a Boston video production company. Being able to see how a professional casting session takes place for an important client is really an amazing thing to be apart of.

I was thankful for this opportunity and looking forward to seeing the finalized product that Skillman video Group produces.