Company Video Series #2: The recruiting video

Last week we spoke about the internal company “memo” video. This week, we take it a step further!

There is another powerful way in which SVG’s production team can help companies connect with their employees. In this case, the focus is on the prospective or new employees.

We’ve all, at some point or another, watched a dreadful example of a company introduction or instruction video. These videos usually are monotonous, and in worst-case scenarios, they consist of another employee reading off a piece of paper for 45 minutes about how the company works. It could also be that these videos are very, very outdated!

At SVG, we believe that with help from our video production team, we can create a creative and much more powerful message with company videos, and can help you and your company greet prospective and new employees with the welcome video they deserve.

At SVG, we thoroughly communicate with our clients, and make sure that we conjoin the most creative ideas. We can develop recruitment videos in combination with our powerful SEO optimization. This way, interest in your company extends from possible clients to prospective employees or future partners as well!

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