Company Video Series #3: The “Official” Company Teaser

Last week we explored a few of the ways a company can use internalized videos to communicate with employees and current or prospective partners. This week we focus on a different, but immensely important aspect of the company video: the face-of-your-company teaser trailer!

Unlike internal videos, these teaser videos are used to showcase your product and philosophy to everyone who comes across. These videos are “the new business cards” if you will. They are often overlooked, due to cost or effectiveness of the message portrayed, BUT it is imperative that they are updated as often as possible.

The reason for this, we found, is that technology and social media means are changing so rapidly. A particular video can literally become obsolete within months! In fact, we’ve found that something as ubiquitous as HD 1080p is to become obsolete within two years! The next “it” thing will be 2K or 4K portable cameras, many predict. But I digress.

Skillman Video Group offers remarkable costs on videos such as these. Meanwhile, our SEO optimization ensures the exposure of your videos to all of the current and upcoming Internet media available! It’s the best of all worlds. Your company’s message will spread farther and quicker than Rome ever could!

SVG can help keep your company on track, expanding, and as current as ever. Call us or click us today!