Das ist gut! SVG does professional video editing!

Foreign firms looking to introduce new products into the United States market need to use the power of social media and video marketing as much as any American company.   That is one of the reasons why Switzerland-based CeQur Corporation of Marlborough, MA selected Skillman Video Group (SVG) as their local Boston area video production company.

CeQur Corp. has developed an innovative treatment for people with diabetes.  They had client testimonials in German, and hired SVG to translate and edit their footage, and then produce a polished professional piece to be used to attract new investors, AND be available on their web site.

There are no language barriers to professionally produced video.  Accurate translations and voiceovers make it possible for companies to express themselves on the web or on DVD from any language into any language in the world.

If you are looking to expand abroad, or if you a foreign company looking to enter the US market, give SVG a call today.