Brand Marketing versus Performance Marketing

Brand awareness marketing is different from performance marketing. Brand awareness means having a focus on your messaging. It’s more of an emotional connection with your audience and maybe a little higher up the sales funnel. 

Performance marketing is where the real metrics are. For example, pay per click, which is the kind of traffic coming through to a website. Another example is social media engagement. Boston video production company, Skillman Video Group, has chosen to live more in that brand awareness camp because video lends itself very nicely to it. We get asked all the time, “After you do a video for us, can you distribute it?”

The answer is no.

The reason being that there are companies out there that do performance marketing and do it very well. It’s a separate side of marketing. But, they actually both coexist very nicely. You can not focus on performance marketing without first beginning to build some brand awareness in the marketplace. You have to tell your story, work on your narrative, figure out your key messages, and put your best foot forward.

If you don’t spend some time building a nice website or great video content, the best performance marketers in the world could not even make a thousand new leads and impressions coming to your website every day into loyal consumers. Those impressions are not converting into real customers.


Because you’re focusing on the end result versus the foundation for your marketing, which has to be building that human connection with your audience first.

That can be done through brand awareness. It is like bringing a horse to water, but the trough has no water in it. Before you engage with a performance marketer, however, you first need to engage with someone who can help you with your narrative. Every piece of marketing collateral you have should be pulling in the same direction. It should look the same and sound the same.

Too many times we as marketers can get really focused on metrics and not see the bigger picture here. It’s about who you are first. The metrics will follow if you have a good story. 

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Why You Need to Start with Brand Marketing: