How Businesses can use Instagram

Instagram for Business Best Practices

Instagram isn’t just for millennials anymore. Yet, this isn’t saying that all parents are beginning to take over the popular social media platform, but businesses are finding Instagram to be an imperative part to their marketing campaign. Scrolling through Instagram you will find ads, your favorite clothing stores, sneaker brands, and tech stores showing off their products and services. To you, these accounts are entertaining and keeping you on trend, but what many don’t realize is that Instagram is the new way to get an audience’s attention in a trendy way that isn’t throwing the products in the customers face.

How do you Promote on Instagram?

No matter where you go now on Instagram, you will be shown ads. Whether it is on your feed or a pop up as you go through Instagram Stories, businesses are using the ad feature to attract their targeted audience. Most Instagrammers will find that ads showing up are related to brand accounts they already following. Ads on Instagram connect to the audience that follow related accounts or those who have viewed their profile.  For any business, no matter what the product or service, this is a great way to start connection and reaching more potential customers. Nonetheless, ads must be on trend and relatable. Here are the top Instagram marketing strategies to follow when displaying an ad or generating engagement.
Create a Story

How Can Businesses use Instagram?

Instagram Story
Similar to Facebook Live and Snapchat, Instagram has implemented a “Story” timeline. This is great for businesses looking to use their marketing video. Each section of the story is about a minute long; however, you story can be as long as you want-but try to keep it under two minutes. When it comes to video marketing, it is important to tell a story and to get the audiences attention with an emotion. Using an Instagram story is just another way to show your marketing video or provide tutorials, behind the scenes, and more information about your product or business.

Instagram Marketing Tips for Business

“Swipe Up”
One thing Instagram has implemented is an easy call to action for interested buyers. On Instagram “stories” (similar to snapchat stories and Facebook Live) the audience is given the option to “Swipe Up.” This call to action is a trendier way of saying, “click here to learn more.” Nonetheless, the action is the same and it will quickly connect the client to the website, product, or specific page for more details.

Instagram Marketing Strategy

Play Games
Everybody loves a good game. One way to get your audiences attention, possibly for the release of a product, is through and interactive game. Some businesses have found it entertaining to customers by providing such games such as a treasure hunt. Not only does this create interaction, but gets the customer interested, especially if there are prices around. For instance, some business have hidden a new sunglass collection around a city, the customers who find the sunglasses are able to keep them and get a percent off their next order. The best part about this is showing the reactions of the customers live for when they find the product. Remember, you can be as creative as you want to be with these games, but always be safe!

Instagram Marketing Secrets

Go Behind the Scenes

Though Instagram stories offer a live look at going behind the scenes, your Instagram posts can also do so. Instagram has created a slideshow post that allows you to post as may pictures and video clips you wish to. Keep in mind, there is a limit to the length of the video clips. Customers love to see a business for what it truly is, and an inside look creates that trust and bond between a business and potential client.

How do I Grow my Business on Instagram?

Run Promotions

 Some businesses have found it useful to use Instagram influencers to promote their services or products. One way they do so is by running promotions and giving codes for a percent off on a product or service. Though, you do not need an influencer to run a promotion, but many businesses find it to be beneficial. You may also consider running a promotional ad, which is similar to a Facebook Boost. Be aware though, some Instagram users have implemented an app to not have sponsored content show up on their timeline, in which case, and influencer is beneficial.

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