B2B Marketing Campaigns

Business to business marketing differs in many fundamental ways from business to consumer strategies. The most obvious reason for this is that B2B marketing targets organizations, while B2C targets individual consumers. While ‘consumer’ based businesses often look at large segments or demographics in order to create a marketing plan, the ultimate transaction at the heart of the model is between an organization and a single person. Meanwhile, B2B marketing, in order to succeed, looks at courting other companies.

At the center of this all is demand. Even though B2B marketing revolves around interfacing with a set of companies instead of people, the strategies that make up a successful marketing campaign have to take into account the demand of the individual consumer. B2B marketing campaigns are, by their very nature, oftentimes quite specific and direct. In the campaign, a B2B company reaches out to a select group of other business in order to convince them that they are best poised to help fufill that particular market demand.

Video content can be a particularly useful tool in a B2B campaign because of the nature of that interaction. They are a great way to leverage search engine optimization, as well as the ideal means to deliver a clear and compelling positioning statement. If you or your company is looking for help in developing B2B marketing strategies, contact us today at [email protected].  Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production Company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.