How is an Ad Different From Sponsored Content in Videos?

Ads and sponsored content are not, contrary to popular belief, the same thing. Sponsored content is when a video creator partners with a brand to exchange promotions for that particular brand in exchange for free product, money, or any other form of payment. Click here if you want to see an example of this type of video.

What is the Difference between Ads and Sponsored Content?

Sponsored content is an excellent way to boost views on your video, as well as create important relationships with other brands. Ads, on the other hand, are a less effective way to gain attention for a brand. They are often shown before a video that the viewer wants to see, or during breaks in a program on television. The viewer is less likely to be interested in the ad because it has nothing to do with the desired video that the viewer clicked on in the first place.

Benefits of Sponsored Content

  1. Tubular Insights (link) stated that “There was significant growth of sponsored video content on YouTube and Facebook between April 2016 and March 2017.” This means that sponsored content is more popular than ever, and it will continue to grow.
  2. Sponsored videos are more popular than ads. Ads are usually fairly undesirable to viewers due to the interruption of whatever video or program they were watching. Nobody wants to be interrupted watching their YouTube video on cooking, a movie trailer, or a video on Boston video production. However, sponsored content incorporates the product into the video, turning the desired video into an interesting advertisement instead of an inconvenience. On YouTube, video creators make videos about their desired topic using items from a sponsor so both parties benefit. A great example of this type of video can be found on Jessica Kobeissi’s YouTube channel.

Sponsored content is growing in the video production industry. Jump on board. It can only help you to grow your business. (I would discuss examples of how a company will use sponsored content and how they can incorporate that in there marketing campaign- I would also check out this article. I think the definition you provided is a little confusing. Break it down a little more by using this article as an example:

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