Tips for Influencer Marketing

Influencer MarketingIf you’re in the business of corporate video marketing, or just online marketing, then there’s a good chance you’ve encountered the term “influencer marketing.” Until 2015 or so, this term wasn’t used much by those of us interested in online video marketing. But, this term, and more importantly the concept behind it, has become a vital part of any business’s online marketing strategy.

Let’s look into what influencer marketing is, and how your business can effectively approach this marketing strategy.

What is an Influencer?

According to Michael Brito, the influential marketing writer, an influencer is broadly defined as someone who holds a lot of social capital. In practical terms, an influencer is someone who can significantly change how people think about certain topics or subjects. These people have thousands of followers on Twitter, and Facebook likes galore. And usually these people have a relationship to brands that’s built on mutual incentives.

So, and influencer is someone who speaks on the behalf of brands in digital spaces to highlight a brand’s value.

Some Strategies for Influencers in Corporate Video

We have to approach influencer marketing for corporate video in a way that’s distinct from more traditional business to consumer influencer marketing. Here are some quick tips.

Don’t Rely too Heavily on an Influencer: Influencer marketing is just a tool that should be a component of effective content marketing. The personality shouldn’t replace the existing video content that was created by the video production company contracted by your business. Think of the influencer as someone who bolsters your content, because they aren’t content in and of themselves.

Pick the Right Influencer for Your Business: Make sure that the demographic you’re trying to reach out to intersects with your influencer’s reach. If you’re trying to sell a salad bowl that chops lettuce as it tosses, then contracting PewDiePie is probably not advisable. Contracting Guy Fieri or Melissa Clark might more effectively reach your desired demographic.

Your Relationship to the Influencer Needs to Be Authentic: You and the influencer need to have a relationship built on trust, mutual reciprocity, and genuine interest in one another. In other words, have a genuine relationship with your influencer. Don’t just contract them and never speak again. Trust us, this is just a core practice of any healthy business.

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