How to Choose the Best SEO Company for your Business

How to Choose the Best SEO Company for your Business

The Information Overload of the Internet

The internet is a great tool; with the amount of material available on almost any subject matter, it’s no wonder the term “information superhighway” was coined.  But the sheer bulk of information can be overwhelming and make it difficult to discern what is a quality source and what is a scam.  And while the woman you met on a dating website may have used an out-of-date picture, the risks become much more serious when you use the internet for your online business needs

The Reality of SEO Scams

A recent post on Business Insider talked about the danger of SEO scams online. The author, Lisa Barone, explained a situation involving companies that appeared on the list of top 100 SEO businesses. Rather than based on customer satisfaction, the list seemed to focus on the amount of money the company’s made, and even suggested that these businesses paid to be on the list. Barone then highlighted some more practical and effective ways your company can choose an SEO provider other than awards.

Criteria for Choosing the Right SEO Company

Barone makes some very good points about what you should look for in an SEO company. Rather than empty accolades that can’t be measured, choose more effective ways to determine a company’s worth. The best suggestion Barone gives in the article is to look at their history, especially in the form of testimonials and customer feedback. Seeing the feedback of other company’s, especially those with similar marketing goals, is a great way to predict your own experience.

The Importance of Comprehensive Online Marketing Services

One thing not mentioned in the article that I think is also important is finding a company that can provide other services besides SEO to enhance your online marketing strategies. After all, SEO isn’t enough, and needs to be backed by social media, video, and other internet platforms. The big companies that make the top 100 list won’t have the time or interest in your small business to make sure you get the complete package, and without these other tools, your business could fall short.

So when you’re looking for an SEO company, don’t be blinded by empty awards. Find a company that can cater to your needs, and deliver quality SEO and online marketing solutions.