The Key is in the Words

How do I find SEO Keywords?

Have you ever searched for anything on the internet? Of course you have. Searching the internet has such a prominent place in people’s lives these days that Google can now be considered a verb. The words that people type into the search box are known as keywords and are used by search engines like Google to help you find the information you are looking for. Skillman Video Group is a Boston marketing company that consults people on how to best use search engine optimization(SEO) keywords.

What are SEO Keywords?

As mentioned above, keywords are what people type into search engines to help find what they are looking for. But they are also much more than that. They are the words and phrases used by companies to get the public to find their website through SEO. They help search engines understand what your content is about and direct people there. They are basically the foundation from which to build your content marketing strategy.

How do I add Keywords to you Website?

Make sure the search terms you use fit the content of your article. Try being as specific as possible when deciding on which ones to use. If you are an auto mechanic in Detroit, phrases like “Detroit car repair” or “Michigan mechanic” will help people in your area find your business. If you need help on figuring out what words work best for you there are many research tools available to help. One of the best to use for your content marketing campaign is Google’s Keyword Planner. Just enter in a words or phrases you would like to use that are relevant to your company and Keyword Planner shows you the search volume of the words but also who else is trying to use them. Knowing what terms your competitors are using will help you come up with your own unique phrases. Using research tools will provide you invaluable help in finding the appropriate keywords.

SEO Keyword Research Tool

You want to use words and phrases that will help with SEO, but you don’t want to use them so much that it leads to diminishing returns. A Boston marketing company should stay away from the practice of “keyword stuffing,” or using the same phrase over and over again. Words used in the wrong context or that look out of place are red flags. Search engines frown upon this kind of action and it could lead to your content being devalued or in some cases, removed from the engines index entirely.

Obviously companies want their content to be seen. The best way to make sure that happens is to use the appropriate terms and phrases that allow them to be found by search engines. When used correctly they will provide many benefits and help make your company a success.

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